Democracy gets kicked in the face

I have very little to add to this post as it communicates overwhelmingly my thoughts as to what happened in District 112. I have to say Rep. Luis Garcia has not always been my favorite Democrats but he has nailed this spot on.

Sandra Ruiz (Democrat-Doral) is now facing an uphill battle thanks to Johnny Farias (Douchebag) and Jeanette Nunez (Opportunist Republican). With the information I've received showing that Ruiz was leading the Republican in the race, she manipulated the neophyte that is Farias into joining her in a lawsuit that removed her from the ballot.

If I were...say Ana Rivas Logan, I'd be crapping my pants now.

But that's a separate issue. The issue at hand is that Johnny Farias, who has been running one of the dirtiest, behind the scenes campaigns one could imagine for over a year now, has finally found a way to beat Sandra Ruiz. Not at the ballot box where he'd have his ass handed to him.

I have to say that this win at any cost mentality may be good for Johnny's short term political legacy. It's bad for democracy, it's bad for the voters and I hope this sticks in the minds of local Democrats for a long time yet. When one of your own takes away your best opportunity at picking up a house seat and when they do it through these means...says volumes.

I think this matter is pathetic, and if through the stay, Mrs. Ruiz is allowed to be on the ballot and ultimately wins on appeal. I hope she crushes him. I'm glad that the underhanded tactics aren't working with Rep. Garcia or other high level Democrats. Former State Representative and now PSC commissioner Ron Brise pulled his endorsement from Farias after taking so many calls against Farias. When devoted Democrats like Joe Geller and Annette Taddeo stand up for you, it says plenty to me.

Johnny Farias may win the battle, but he'll lose the war, and inadvertently, he'll cost his wife the chance to win her seat as well.

Farias states:
"That's not a chance I am willing to take. We have to be unselfish. Did we want a democrat in the general election, yes or no? If she had been removed we would have had no democrat in the race. Whats better to have a Democrat or no Democrat?"
So let me ask him, when the David Rivera-esque charges about domestic violence come out against him in the general, is he ready for that? Hey, I'm just being unselfish and asking some questions that will be put to him.

Let me tell ya'll something else; to have a Democrat like that, I'd rather not have a Democrat in the race.


ElephantPig said...

What a shame!If you know anything about politics, you'd know that Johnny is doing the right thing: he is trying to win. Sandra may be the much better candidate, the one with experience and credibility and the one with the real chance to win the district. Johnny might be the scumbag you say. I think I totally agree with you on these points, but some people just don't get it that it pays to be a scumbag and win rather than be the nice, competent person and win.

Dog said...

Many races are turning out to be rough and tumble dirty races. Check out Meek/Green, Scott/McCullum, Gelber/Aronberg, Rivera/Crespo 9wait till it becomes Rivera/Garcia, my lord!).

It's happening in both parties and it seems to be a growing trend nationwide. Unfortunately, dirty politics often works. Republicans have been doing it to the Democrats for a heck of a long time, at least since Nixon, and Democrats are now starting to act like Republicans.

SamFeldman said...

Ironically, in decrying alleged negative politicking, this blog seems to be feeding the fires.

Whoever wins this Democratic primary is going to desperately need the help of the other anyway, if they are to defeat the republican who profiteered from Jackson Memorial's financial problems.

Stop it already,people. This is self-destructive.

BJC said...

Using an unintended technicality and loophole in the law is downright dirty. This Ruiz woman is term limited. It's stupid that to run for a different office she has to resign effective the date she is out of office anyway. Johnny is a scumbag, but Jeannette is one too.

Monica Galindo said...

Hey BJC,
Why do you find it necessary to continue the dirty attacks on anyone? "The law is an ass," remember? If there is a loophole, it's the law's fault, not Johnny's.
Politics, just like soccer, or rugby “... one is a gentleman’s game played by hooligans; the other a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen.”
Chancellor of Cambridge University,
date unknown (pre 1953).

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