It's been a long time

Your favorite blue blogger is back on a supremely inconsistent basis. Since my last post I've gone through marriage, the birth of my first child and the purchasing of my first property. So I my time is limited by waking up at 5 AM because my son decides he wants attention or that he couldn't sleep. Don't expect blogging masterpieces.

Having said that expect slow news drips. For those of you not familiar with this blog; read it.

I break news on the Democratic Party and make fun of the Republican party. If you're wondering what inspired my return it's having heard this was coming down two days ago.

I'd also like to send a special message to Senator Steinberg: You're an ass. Thank God it's a safely Democratic seat. I'm sure Democrats across the county will appreciate this stupidity.

The dozens of messages, sent over the course of more than three months last fall, were sent from a phone that used software to disguise the number.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2012/02/under-federal-inquiry-dem-rep-steinberg-admits-sending-sexxxy-stalker-type-emails-to-federal-prosecu.html#storylink=cpy

Nice job. Just resign ASAP before you do progressives actual harm moron.