Is supporting Kendrick Meek viable?

I don't want folks to get me wrong here, I usually support the most progressive candidate in a race and usually in Miami it's our Democratic Party nominee. The reality though is that Kendrick Meek's half assed campaign, now about 18 months old, has failed the Democratic Party of Florida. He hasn't expanded his coalition, his field organizers are rarely seen and heard from. I see very few supporters that are non-establishment types. When Jeff Green, a former Republican with a whole resume that is bad for political purposes is picking up large numbers with his unprecedented and daunting $40 million its pretty telling. The primary is interesting. Check out this story from the Miami Herald. I don't like Green, but he's stronger than Meek for the general.

The latest poll from the Chamber of Commerce (who's polling I don't even remotely trust) is weird. I'm wondering if they're unsure of whom they are supporting so far. It's shows a blowout win for Charlie Crist but like every other poll shows about 15 points for Meek. What's sad here is that the reality is that Kendrick isn't even close to competitive. Crist is winning over Democrats. Every teacher in the state is going for him.

So I think the question I'll pose to my readers is this: Is it time to hedge our bets and support Sun Tan Charlie?

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Dog said...

Nope! Your thinking is to support the front runner and not be true to yourself. If you're a liberal, why bother trusting Charlie? He has always been a moderate Republican, but a Republican in the end. I prefer to vote for the moderate Democrat, Kendrick, because he is much closer to my belief system than Crist.