Orlando Sentinel rips Sink a new one

You know I got this link emailed to me by a friend of mine saying this article was on the mark. Sadly, it is.

I don't know much about Mike Thomas other than that he wrote this article. Remember my last blogpost (back in 2009 I gave her The Katherine Harris Total Failure to Inspire as a candidate award.) In that article I stated:
"No one likes a candidate who's too spineless to make a stand on an issue such as health care reform. No one really wants to support Alex Sink. We just see Bill McCollum on the other side and go...SINK 2010"
Well guess what ladies and gents the article goes on to complain (largely from a journalists point of view) how she has been ducking the media and being irresponsibly non committal about her positions. As Eye In Miami (who's acronym EIM is nowhere near as good as BIM, but are better at everything else) has covered before, she seems to not know what audience she's talking to. I don't know if she's taking SoFla for granted but she's been almost entirely unavailable down here and I've seen very little campaigning by her. Whereas the Gelber/Meek campaign have small resources down here expecting to cruise and State Sen. Aaronberg's campaign is having representatives go to meetings in the area, Alex Sink has rarely come down here, has no discernible staff down here.

What kind of crap campaign is this? And after seeing the New Jersey debacle why are the Florida Dem Party so high on a banker?

While I don't get paid to write this, don't get the media emails for any campaign and am generally left in the dust by campaigns (damn you) I have enough sources and friends in the state to keep me in the loop. They ALL complain she's just not reaching out to the media or for that matter, voters nearly enough.

It's gonna be a long slog.

P.S. Help out Haiti!

Update: The Sink campaign updated the website the day after the article came out knocking them for not updating. Wow.

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Fidel Castro said...

It is with humility that I write to give my opinion: Katherine Harris erred only in running for a lowly Senator when she had the opportunity to select Sara Palin as her running mate and take the Presidency. Now, it's up to Alex Sink to select Harris as her running mate.