Fillibuster Proof Majority!

Perhaps the words the NSCC and Majority Leader like to hear the most. I'm not sure what to say after Scott Brown won last week in Massachusetts. (he'll lose, easily in 2012 when he has to run as the same time as the President's race, or he'll lose the backing of the GOP trying to survive in Mass.)

But here's my two part approach to this blog post.

1] The bad news: The DC establishment will now try to move Democrats further to the right, making the competition and legislation a battle of Crazy Right (The GOP) and to the right (Dems). I would read this as, if you'd passed the legislation Obama ran on, had gotten it out of the way and were focused on the economy, you'd never have been in this position. Whenever Democrats try to run as Republican-lite they lose. That's where the Howard Dean's and Paul Wellstone's come in have to take charge and say "No, here's what we believe in." The Democrats don't have anyone like that. The best leader they have is Nancy Pelosi. Obama has continually proven that he will waffle and concede territory on any issue. He has not stamped his foot down on any legislation and has managed to spit in the face of the left, alienate the middle and as usual annoy the right by being a Democrat. He hasn't brought change that the country wanted. Harry Reid is fighting for his political life and won't be that person either. You need a progressive/liberal leader to step up.

And the economy still sucks. Obama now has to focus on this, but of course after giving away stimulus money with no strings attached and his policies as one of my friends says "being run by Goldman Sachs" it doesn't bring too much hope to the forefront.

Health Care Reform is probably dead. The "small, popular pieces" mentioned in this politico article is the best Democrats will do now.

2] The Good News: Democrats have no buffer real or imagined anymore. Maybe this loss will be the kick up their ass they need to get their shit straight. Either the House will vote for this travesty of a bill [unlikely to pass] or their going to have to use reconciliation [likelier]. What comes out of that would probably be more liberal, seeing as how only 50 votes are needed for it to pass [Biden would be 51]. Perhaps this will focus Democrats, take out their arrogance and force them to work on policies. Maybe they'll learn they can't expect their base to be revved up to go if they call them "foolish" or "stupid". Maybe it'll get 'em to pass what they said they'd pass in Republican style "we have what we have and we'll jam it down your throats".

The problem is there's more bad news that is concrete than there is good news. Everything in the good news column is hope. And last time that didn't turn out too well.

Can't wait for the SOTU.


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