One of my favorite songs

Goes a little something like this:

Feel I'm goin' back to Massachusetts,
Something's telling me I must go home.
And the lights all went down in Massachusetts
The day I left her standing on her own.

Tried to hitch a ride to San Francisco,
Gotta do the things I wanna do.
And the lights all went down in Massachusetts
They brought me back to see my way with you

There's more obviously, but I am thrilled now by Scott Brown's election. One well placed source on the Hill from a non-Florida politician told me that the House caucus has basically fallen in love with the video of Obama destroying the GOP from last Friday.

But, it's more than that, as some MSNBC pundits have been saying it seems like this is a new Obama. The House senses it too, Pelosi has been working lately to make sure her caucuses stand by her and is emboldened. She's been pushing Reid with Reconciliation. This strikes me as a potential goldmine for progressives. A President who is calling out his critics right back and saying: "I've adopted your ideas!" but you've abandoned me when I agree with you! essentially. He now sounds a little angry and is forcing the GOP to stop swinging and start ducking.

And the Democrats do seem to have regained some pep in their step, even on newer challenges like the Citizens United vs. FEC ruling. Donna Edwards filed a bill on this today and the Senate too is moving on this issue according to Sen. Schumer.

While they may be polling in a nervous frenzy, you still get the feeling that with some tracking polls, Obama's SOTU speech combined with the Friday Q & A, a speech in the NH-1's district with Carol Shea-Porter being challenged by Frank Guinta , that Democrats are preparing to go on the offensive. I think the DC establishment has had enough of the crazies in the Republican party (check out this insane poll of GOP'ers) and is prepared to combat them. Now, does this mean they'll hold to the middle the closer it gets to election time or will they go to the left for their base?

That's the true question and the DADT stuff is an interesting move by Obama at this time. The Democrats have better money and a bit more trust at this time. Even freshmen Congressional Representatives are faring well in the money stakes for example Nye in VA-02. Gonna be an interesting ride through the end of this year folks but it seems like Mass. was in fact the catalyst that set off this year into campaign mode. And maybe it'll be back in Massachusetts where Democrats will find they have to go home. They have to go to their base and please them as much as independents.

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