UPDATED:Another Blue In Miami Exclusive

BIM (yes a better acronym should have been a priority but alas) is the first to report breaking news coming out of Tallahassee. I hear the Florida Democratic Party has decided to come down on local DEC Chairman BJ Chiszar, informing him by writing that he's been removed from his position.

Apparently the replacement Chairman has been selected and is a close friend of Former Mayor Manny Diaz. This may signal that Mayor Diaz is considering a run for higher office hopefully for Congress against one of three GOP seats, probably Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

The good news is that the party has finally stepped in to see what's happening at the local level. The bad news is that they delayed themselves by nearly a year in figuring out the former Chairman's actions while numerous complaints were filed about his shenanigans and divided the DEC body.

This blog has long called for that chairman to step up or be removed and now transfers that to the new chairman and hopes he will run a fair, effective DEC that moves the party forward in a positive light and away from the nasty infighting that has long plagued the DEC since the turn of the century.

Update: He was removed via statute 103.161 for interfering with the FDP.
He was removed for
-Attempting to charge organizations and candidates for VAN access while knowing it was free.
-Being rude to FDP officials, groups, allies, elected officials, staff members, DEC allies.
-Failure of the DEC of attaining meeting quorum at all times this year causing the DEC to lose the ability to function as an active county DEC.
-Threatening elected officials

Additionally he received a 4 year ban to any position within the state party and is no longer a member of the DEC.

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Royal Red GOP'r said...

What a shame. Former Chairman Chiszar was the best thing going for Republicans. I hope this drives him even more nuts with his madness and makes us look even better