BJ Chiszar, stupidest man in Florida

Look, I'm fine with a Chairman with opinions. Former DNC chairman Howard Dean had a couple. The thing is Dr. Dean never said, I support X candidate over Y for president because of this, this, and this.

However, the sheer stupidity and moronic ability of the local party chairman sees no end in sight. With the local activists pissed at him, including multiple complaints to the state party by various groups including, Democratic chartered clubs, local elected officials, member of the local party who have held positions, chairs of various organizations, and campaign workers on multiple campaigns putting pressure on him, he decides to dig himself a grave.

While he is likely thinking of going into politics at some point, he's already created more enemies than one could think he might be able to handle. The latest scandal?

Letting everyone in this county, and the press in particular know that not only is he violating his local and state bylaws by supporting one Democrat over another, but he's doing so in a primary for United States House of Representatives. There is no end level to his idiocy as the South Florida Times reports:

Miami-Dade School Board members Wilbert “Tee” Holloway and Marta Perez also voiced their support of Wilson; as did B.J. Chiszar, 29, chairman of the Democratic Party of Miami-Dade.

“I’m here today as an individual and the youngest chairman in the United States…to say that I support Sen. Frederica Wilson,” Chiszar said.
And as it says earlier in the story
Although State Rep. James Bush, former State Rep. Phillip Brutus, Miami Gardens Councilman Andre Williams and Haitian activist Marleine Bastien have announced plans to run, only [Frederica] Wilson and State Rep. Yolly Roberson have officially declared their candidacies. Miami Gardens Mayor Shirley Gibson has reportedly also thrown her hat into the ring.
Yeah so go screw yourselves current elected officials around the district that want to run! The Miami Dade Democratic Party is so powerful that they don't need stupid elected officials considering running for a higher office, to have any bridges to the party. Nor should our elections have an equal and balanced playing field.

But the state party has pushed all hearing on him back to April. Another lack of guts from there. Anyone wonder why our state is such a mess on the Democratic side?


Anonymous said...

Anyone else think BJ kind of looks like the son of Gallagher?

Anonymous said...

I don't. I think he looks like the little guy from the Little Caesar commercials. Pizza Pizza, anyone????

Anonymous said...

He was the stupidest man in Texas too. Glad he's your problem now.

Anonymous said...

Where did BJ go to college? In Texas?

No one said...

UNT Denton TX

Anonymous said...

He was fragged by his own troops and left Denton TX after suing his brothers.

Anonymous said...

The Delta Lodge in Denton deserved its death. Very evil drug-addicts, abusive and so arrogant. Can't say many UNT students felt sorry for them when their trashed-out, ghetto "house" burned to the ground. We just stood around watching it thinking, "Justice meted out oh so sweetly."