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As Blue in Miami posted earlier today, The FDP has removed Miami Dade DEC Chairman BJ Chiszar. Beth Reinhardt has a couple more details and the letter of removal on her Naked Politics blog and the FDP is not being polite about it!

Thurman's spokesman, Eric Jotkoff, said the timing is incidental and the complaints against Chiszar have been mounting for months. He's been in the post for about one year.

"He has engaged in activities that injured the name and status of the Florida Democratic Party,'' Jotkoff said. "Not only has he not been able to hold a single meeting with a quorum but repeatedly done things like try to sell access to our voter file to state House candidates and repeatedly been rude and overbearing toward the staff and to elected officials...We have huge election coming up in 2010 and we need a successful Democratic party down there."

Again as I reported earlier today. The rest is from Naked Politics:

Thurman is replacing Chiszar with Richard Lydecker, a Miami attorney who is little-known among Democratic activists but apparently has ties to Sen. Bill Nelson, former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz and Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

Here's the letter from Thurman to Chiszar: Download Letters of Removal for Miami-Dade DEC Chair B J Chiszar

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Who are you? Why don't you identify yourself and explain to us how you're getting your information before it comes out in the press?