Robaina vs. Lopez-Cantera gets nasty

I've been following a string of insults from Representatives Robaina and Representative Lopez-Cantera.

Among the best hits in this fight:

"Julio Robaina is not a man of his word. He said he would do what we said because he wanted to stay in the position. He's a liar!"

Robaina claimed that it was inappropriate that Lopez-Cantera's mother was seated on the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, a comment Lopez-Cantera called "unfortunate."

but just for good measure, I needed to call Lopez Cantera regarding the previous planned attempt to take money out of the Florida PrePaid College program. During which I asked if he would stop sni[ing with Robaina as it's unprofessional on both sides. I was cutoff [in an unprofessional manner] told Robaina was acting out of place, lacked "a certain level of respect" and then went on about how he is "out of touch."

I will remind you that this is Republican vs. Republican stuff. Again, when is Robaina going to switch parties?

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