Julio Robaina uses common sense, loses position

I'll let Naked Politics explain it:

Rep. Julio Robaina, R-Miami, has been stripped of his post as chairman of the Criminal and Civil Justice Policy Council after appearing to undercut a legislative priority of Attorney General Bill McCollum.

House Speaker Larry Cretul named Rep. William Snyder, R-Stuart, as chair and Rep. Sandy Adams, R-Oveido, as vice chair. The official line is that Cretul did not feel Robaina was a good fit.

But the real story is Cretul felt Robaina crossed him yesterday -- and violated an unwritten rule to heed the leadership playbook -- by amending a bill (HB 215) that McCollum is pushing with the speaker's support. It would limit the fees the AG's office pays to outside lawyers.

You know what the real problem is? Julio Robaina has a brain. So the man understands that certain things can't be done in a half assed way and that in order to not half ass things, you sometimes need to pay more to get better lawyers. You also pay for quality. But the state, trying to saev money at all costs, refuses to have a decent debate on this and just strips you of a position.

We've reached desperate straits were our legislators are refusing to raise taxes where it's the only solution, so they're digging a deeper hole until they inevitably do that anyways. They mismanaged the finances and now their begining to mismanage education and even our criminal system.

Robaina says: Audio here. "I think a very bad message was sent today. ... I think it's come to the point where it's more important to not embarrass people than to create good public policy. If that's the situation here, then I honestly don't want to sit here, either, as a chairman if I'm going to be micromanaged. ... But understanding the politics of Tallahassee, it's to be expected."

What he should say is screw you, I'm switching and joining the Democrats.

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