When is Mel retiring?? Can it start today?

Seriously, apparently [naked politics] he wants to restore one of Dubya's greatest hits, and something Obama got rid of nearly his first day in office.

Mel Martinez is taking to the Senate floor to push an amendment that would reinstate the "Mexico City Policy" -- which bans federal funds for international groups that perform abortions or provide information on them.

President Barack Obama signed an executive order last week lifting the ban. It's been reinstated and then reversed by Republican and Democratic presidents since Ronald Reagan established it in 1984. Bill Clinton scrapped it in 1993, George W. Bush re-instituted it in 2001 as one of his first acts in office.

Martinez is proposing an amendment to a bill that looks to expand health care to poor children. "It is necessary if we want to continue fostering a culture of life," he said on the Senate floor.

Here's someone who's voted continually for the war, who voted down SCHIP last time around, and is now trying to attach this idiotic amendment to preventing children from dying of health, but you know, he wants to foster a culture of life.

People in glass houses and all that. He wouldn't dare make a bill out of this, because it'd die in committee and be laughed at by others in the Senate. Why Amnesty International providing information for abortion after a woman' s been raped in Congo, or another aid organization provides an abortion for a teenage mother in Bolivia who's life is at risk is Mel Martinez' top priority is beyond me. Why he won't just shut up, stop lying to us about his medical expertise (remember Terri Schiavo?) and just count down the days is beyond me. What a joke. Regardless of who takes over this seat, it's bound to be an improvement.

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