Republicans all scared to run for Senate seat

You know the one being held by the aforementioned buffoon extraordinaire, Mel Martinez

Tampa's The Buzz says neither AG Bill McCollum dared to throw his hat in the race, nor did Congressman Allen Boyd a Democrat who often THINKS he's a Republican. In the article he calls himself a plodder. I'd call him more of a convenient? then-i'm-a-democrat-sort.

One thing I don't understand from the article is this:

Boyd's announcement means Democrats could have a field free of anyone living north of Boca, and will likely increase the pressure on Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio to jump in.
North Florida is a huge hindrance to the Democratic Party of Florida. The Party Chairwoman is a largely fortuitous [look at the political climate she came in to, the fact Dean's 50 state strategy kicked in, etc] and useless [how many seats did Democrats take during her tenure from Republicans in the legislature despite mounds of Republican mismanagement?]

North Florida gives us people like Bill Nelson, centrists who cannot seem to find a backbone irregardless of how their constituency feels. They are too far to the right and as a result end up hurting the Democratic Party. Elections in this state are won in three areas, South Florida, the I-4 Corridor and Tallahasee. Democrats have tried using northerners as a way to steal votes from north Florida for ages and it's failed. Naturally, we keep trying that. I'm fine with the Tampa mayor, but the truth is, folks from places like Alachua and Pensacola, are like Republicans from Tennessee more than like their possible consituents from Monroe.

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