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I don't know if it's this wonderfully refreshing weather, which seems to be peeling the skin off of morons, or if it's just that CHANGE has arrived. Irregardless, I'm going to give out three prizes today for being an effin idiot.

The first belongs to everyone's favorite wingnutty blog in Miami, Versailles Beat. If you don't know what this blog is, consider yourself and your brain cells, fortunate. It's like stepping into a cave, think of the one from Aladdin, but instead of gold, it's My Pet Goat hanging upside down from the ceiling, with copies of the PATRIOT Act lining the floor. They are supposedly a right wing blog that speaks on behalf of the iconic restaraunt in Little Havana. Why they don't just stick to cooking over garlicked food is beyond me. Alas, they have chosen to put for all their knowledge of worldly politics.

Their latest bone to pick is the South Miami Commission Seat which was won by progressive Valerie Newman. Versilles Blog backed and spread pretty nasty stuff about Curbelo whom they didn't want to win the Republican Chair for Miami. Their guy [David Rivera] won (by one vote) that oh so covetted chairmanship and he screwed up, backing a crappy candidate in a race that he had no chance to win.

But I'll quote them for you so you see the asshattery that comes out of their blog:
"We at the Versailles Beat supported Rivera for chairman of the Miami-Dade GOP against the liberal, arab-looking Carlos Curbelo who donates money to Democrats, a decision we still do not regret."
Yeah see if you're ARAB looking, it's a total negative. Here's a good example of what the Miami-Dade Republican thinks like folks. Racism is alive and well!

So points to Versailles Beat for endorsing an innefective, rash and moronic party chairman in David Rivera! With a vision like that, you'd be running our country to hell, much like Bush and Castro would!

Speaking of Rivera, he's the winner of my second You're-an-effin-Moron award. He has to concede one thing to Versailles: As a party chair, you don't endorse when multiple GOP'ers are in a race. And don't endorse the guy who gets 4% of the vote, you embarassing idiot. He got 54 votes. FIFTY-FOUR VOTES in an area with over 7,000 registered voters. Hats off to the chairman and candidate it takes some sort of political ability to fail that miserably. Oh and it was Rivera's first endorsement since taking over the position. Talk about scoring political points.

And my final you're an effin-moron award goes to the always brash, never remotely diplomatic, constant pain in the side that is the Democratic Party Chairman B.J. Chiszar. I'm not going to list the litany of mistakes this arrogant little man makes. I'd be here much too long. But the latest one goes straight to the heart of the problem. The man doesn't know how to communicate with people in any way, shape or form let alone in a good way. The heart of his "power" (other than losing race after race as a pol operative since he arrived in SoFla) is that he controls access to the Voter Activation Network [VAN] which serves to give activists and campaign workers access to the information of anyone in a certain region of Miami. BJ controls it and instead of giving it out to Democratic Candidates, gives it out to his allies. Nevermind that he won what I hear was a tight election, that may be overturned by the Florida Democratic Party. The people he beat shouldn't challenge his victory, he'll be gone by the end of the year, because no one will be able to put up with him. But in this very South Miami election race, there were multiple Democratic candidates who asked him to give access. He refused based on the fact that he did not want to. Multiple activists for multiple campaigns have confirmed this to me. The fact that Valerie Newman, a great candidate won, should be a tribute to her own campaign, and the groups and volunteers that backed her, and not to that of a Chairman that did nothing. He did not allow activists during the last election cycle in 2008 to have access to the VAN, either.

Eventually, he will have to get off his high horse and actually do something other than talk a good game. So Mr. Democratic Party Chairman prove me wrong, and be a people person, stop being a manipulative jerk to all and sundry, and try to actually BACK YOUR CANDIDATES. Whether their names be Garcia, Taddeo or Newman, you really should be fair in your new position.

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