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I was in DC for the 44th President of the United States inauguration. Apparently this guy is black? AND A DEMOCRAT? How'd he not blow it?

Seriously, cold, but wonderful the atmosphere was amazing, I've never seen anything like it, from the booing of Newt Gingrich to Ted Kennedy being lauded with chants of Teddy! Teddy! Also chants for Ali, clapping for former Presidents and celebrities in the area that were educated. The jeering of Wheelchair Dick and the waving and singing of nana na na, hey hey hey, goodbye to the Boy King.

The actual swearing in (which has since had to be done again) was so quick few of us in the mall realized what happened, despite the obviousness on TV. The excitement of the crowds, the walking, aiding and joking of people was wonderful. It was a celebration unlike any other perhaps in our countries history. Multiracial, with every creed represented, 2 million people packed the national mall and celebrated as a new leader and perhaps a restoration of America begins. His speech drew belated due to time delay] cheers. Those in my area thought it was good, but it's not until the second reading that you truly appreciate it. The speech was cautious, rebuking but positive, with smacks thrown at the last Administration. The crowd ate it up.

Despite the total cold that there was outside, the warmth exuding from the crowd was unforgettable, and all those on the Mall will say, I was there and remember moments for a lifetime. One thing that sticks in my head is watching the helicopter take bush out and people waving goodbye. The chants of Obama before and after the speech and the joy of so many in the crowd that were brought to tears.

What a wonderful opportunity. Any stories of where you were at, what you did, or thoughts?

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