So 50 state strategy critics...

-How would ye like to defend the fact that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's race is up for grabs? That's a bit stunning isn't it? KENTUCKY is turning blue.

-As part of that, the youth voter mobilization being done by the Obama campaign is incredible. Every campus in Florida, and presumably all state universities have an Obama GOTV director for each school. That's incredible. Anyways, now Obama's going to buy advertising on Spike, MTV, Vh1 and Comedy Central. I hope they bought Daily Show/Colbert Report time slots, as that's crucial since many 18-24 year old voters get their info from those shows.

Not quite part of that but still important (this is from The NJ's Hotline from the Omaha World Herald) ...IOWA is taking the word "idiots" out of the Constitution as to who can vote. Thank God Dubya will be voting in TX!

And Voter Suppression and mistakes are one of the feature stories on the NYT site today. This is a pretty well known phenomena. Anyone notice on teh NYT map how amny of the challenges are occuring in Swing states? With Obama having whipped up a ridiculous amount of total new voter registrations, guess who is likely to be harmed. Thank you Help America Vote act of 2002. Thankfully groups like ACORN are suing on behalf of voters in various sttes (including Floriduh).

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