Geraldine Ferraro was right

From the Chicago Tribune's blog:

PRINCETON, NJ -- While 6% of voters say they are less likely to vote for Barack Obama because of his race, 9% say they are more likely to vote for him, making the impact of his race a neutral to slightly positive factor when all voters' self-reported attitudes are taken into account.

Gallup race impact Obama McCain.gif

All I'm going to state is a simple thing that I think is obvious to most. A lot of people will claim that they are voting or that they don't care your black or that they are more likely to vote for you because you're black in public, especially to a polling outfit who doesn't know you or to your nighbors than you're likely to actually vote like when your in the privacy of a voting booth.

But alas the Chicago Tribune decides to spin results based on poll number and not common sense. It's incredibly naive of them.

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