Talking Points Memo turns into Captain Obvious

So apparently, it takes you being in St.Paul to spot this. Although for some reason I did it from my own home!

Not Happy Campers

I'm seeing a lot of happy talk on the chat shows. But what I'm hearing from St. Paul is that very few of the pols and operatives are giving any credence to the idea that Palin wasn't a rushed and unvetted last minute pick.

--Josh Marshall

No Place Like Home

Another little nugget of information suggesting a less than thorough vetting of Sarah Palin.

--Josh Marshall

On a non-related note: The first night of the RNC convention has basically been cancelled. Delegates will meet together, be credentialed and then are off for the night. Plenty of reports about changing the plans to be about benefiting the Gulf Coast [the First time since 2005 Republicans have remembered]. If you're a pollster, do you expect a convention bounce? Will McCain even make it? How likely is it that Dubya and Cheney were told not to come for political benefit over actual reasons?

Update: It's ten seconds long, but catch this:

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