Rev. Sharpton is coming to Florida

And he's going to register folks here as well as in 6 other states. But we're the first state.

He will not be driving the car to the left, found at the DNC Convention.

Also coming back to Florida, unfortunately, is our very own Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart. This first class jerk/idiot is in Denver as part of the Notreadyin08.com campaign by the Republicans to counterattack what Democrats are saying. Apparently He's taking on Fidel through a family feud in congress according to that Herald Story. I'm shocked by this because Lincoln has never stood up to Fidel about anything before.

Raul though, as well as Joe Garcia will be speaking at the DNC as 5 future likely Congressional representatives. That'll hopefully bring in more money, specifically for Joe, who actually needs it.

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