GOP run's away from RNC...while Obama goes after Florida

It's great that I spent 3 hours today sitting down at the Graham Center at FIU, as one of the FIU students in the college democrats while the Obama staff walked around and attracted folks over to our table.

Let's just say we registered roughly 200 folks. They were all over campus, in a show of force I've never seen at any university that I can remember.
The Tampa Tribune
speaks of how the Floridian delegation is getting VIP treatment from the Obama camp. Front and center in the convention, the full voting rights, and the high priority for speakers.
You gotta love it when GOP governors start telling newspapers [like the Journal Gazette]:

JG: Will you be going to the Republican National Convention?

Gov. Daniels:
For the absolute minimum amount of time. If I could get out of it altogether, I would.

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