Get off my lawn!!!!

The Senate is famous for the fact that folks work together in it and have to be more cordial than the House. It's 50 folks, who generally work and serve together for a long amount of time.

Ignore the speech Mark Warner gave tonight, he basically had to hit Johnny Mac after the peace and love feeling of last night. But when Senators speak out against someone like they do in that Politico piece, it's shocking.

In separate interviews with Politico Tuesday, both Senate Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said they have seen McCain "explode."

"He has a huge anger problem," Boxer said. "And he never hid that....I have seen it happen on the Senate floor many, many times...He has exploded at me a couple times."

Ouch. But don't miss...

"It’s all well and good to apologize," Boxer added, "but if you are in charge of that black box, I worry about that."

Durbin noted McCain’s temper is "well documented," saying that he had been on the receiving end of it for what he considered "minor things."

"I was in a confrontation with him... and he was quick to explode," said Durbin. "It simmered for a long time."

Remember, the GOP's Sen. Cochran said at the start of the election cycle the thought of Sen. McCain as President "sent a shiver down my spine."

Talking Points Memo digs on this from the Former Secretary of the Navy which is incredible. He claims that McCain quickly reaches a decision and digs in. Remember, this is a guy who is reported by Former Sen.Cochran to have thrown a foreign official from Nicaragua to the floor. If this gets really nasty, can we run a Daisy Girl ad along these lines?

I hope so.

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