Florida Delegation reacts to Hillary

Well since I can't be there, I'll let Naked Politics pass this on.

As Hillary Clinton put a bookend on her 2008 presidential campaign, her fans in Florida looked on almost in disbelief. Cindy Lerner wiped away tears. Diane Glasser sat almost impassively, clutching a trio of signs the organizers handed out: Unity, Obama and Hillary.

They roared at some her lines, when she suggested there was an inherent irony in the Republican convention site -- the Twin Cities -- for President Bush and John McCain -- and they smiled when she thanked the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pant Suit" -- a reference to the rainbow of jacket and pants combination she supported on the campaign trail.

Lori Glasser wiped away tears, even as she clutched an Obama sign. But when Clinton closed with a cry to rally around Barack Obama, she stood and cheered.

Couple of points. 1) Cindy Lerner is one of those local politicians who you don't want to get on her bad side because she will persistently black list you and come after you. Clintonian.

2) Hillary's speech was lights out. Hit all the right notes, threw out red meat for us all, and gave us a great call for unity. Anyone who heard tonight, and keeps going out there saying they'll vote for Sen. McCain, who say that Obama this and that.

Frankly, you're either being racist, or your being ignorant of your own needs and what's best for you. Neither is a good position to be in.

From another post on Naked Politics earlier tonight:

This was the scene in the Florida section on the convention floor minutes ago, before Democrat Hillary Clinton began her much-anticipated speech:

Democratic congressional candidates Raul Martinez and Joe Garcia beaming from their recent moment on the national stage.

State Rep. Arthenia Joyner juggling two Blackberries to try to get election results back home.

Plantation Democratic Club President Bill Kling, wearing his World War II garrison cap, standing next to another delegate wearing a giant Uncle Sam top hat.

State Rep. Dan Gelber heading out to the nosebleed seats where the West Virginia delegates sit. Apparently, it's roomier up there.

Look at my point about Cindy Lerner. Now replace that name with Raul Martinez. What's going on through his head? Has he endorsed Obama yet?

And good luck to all the local candidates tonight in Miami's primary.

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