Guess who's back?

It has been quite a while hasn't it?

It did lead to more comments though...including one saying "whatever it is that took Blue In Miami out should be praised eternally."

I've been absorbing the political environment, you can't spill everything you hear and have to have your ear to the ground. We all knew about Joe Garcia announcing soon, that was the worst kept secret in Dade political history. We all knew Crist would go NPA after his party Lieberman'd his behind.

Today I'm picking on a smaller target. Recently a source of mine indicated that they'd received a flyer attacking Sandra Ruiz who is running in District 112 for State House. It was not sourced and was left at their front gate. Apparently the whole neighborhood received this little doozy claiming Ruiz said she "lived in Doral because other places were lower class."

Let's assume that this random, unsourced quote on an unsourced flyer with no one claiming responsibility for it was true. Why would she be stupid enough to say that out loud or in a room where she couldn't trust everyone? These type of flyers are dirty, have no ethics and frankly are disgusting. This could be the Republicans trying to hurt her and I'd love to accuse them of it. Unfortunately, her primary opponent, Johnny Farias has been so underhanded and dirty during the campaign that it is not out of the question that perhaps he did this.

I think Johnny's an alright person but is being manipulated by the GOP to run a campaign that is utterly negative. My sources see that he goes to many events and has tried to press flesh but that at fundraisers he is inappropriate and that has led to complaints from other candidates. One prominent local figure said that through "sheer harassment" they decided to endorse Farias. Another person told me that they were sent a YouTube video attacking Sandra Ruiz by one of his biggest supporters. Another complaint was that the campaign manager had said "fuck it, we can get nasty, we have plenty of dirt on her."

I noted that one fundraiser was thrown for him in Doral, Sandra's backyard, by an interesting group of non-primary voters...Republicans on the city council. The GOP does know elections and stupid it is not. They sense the opportunity to take a candidate that is clean in Ruiz and drag her name through the mud by opening a divisive and contentious Democratic primary. That way she'll have to spend and compete in a primary, perhaps even go negative herself, something that would raise her unfavorable numbers and weaken her for the general election. Farias' anger as one local heavyweight told me is based on the contention that Ruiz waited until he jumped in the race and then went to his donors and told them why she was a better candidate.

I believe that's called "retail politics" and if Farias takes offense to that he's not fit for office, as that is a minor transgression at best. I've seen him speak and he is neither eloquent nor impressive, consistently failing to tailor the message to the room he is in. Yet he continues to drive a negative narrative towards Ruiz who is ultimately our best chance in November. I have been in a room when he attacked her and she did not respond with fire. I think our candidates in that race should look at the numbers and realize they need to go after the Republicans in the race, not each other. Sandra got the memo, when will Johnny?

And one final thing, a female supporter of his who donated a small but significant sum of money told me: "I was on board with him, I'm his friend and I love his family but I won't donate again to someone hosting an event at Hooters, that's disgusting." The Democratic Party is often ridiculed and called the "mommy party" because women voters are so crucial. He's running against a woman, so already demographics in his district are against him. There is an 8,000 registered voter difference that favors the GOP in the district. The single largest constituency are female Hispanics, so turning them off is stupid politics. According to fundraising reports, he's raised $9,000 and spent $7,000 with election day four months off. That's also stupid politics. Come on Johnny, shape up and if you can't play fair in the big leagues, run for a small council and then make a run for a bigger office. That would be smart politics.

On a brighter note, thank you to Rudy Moise for being the first candidate of the 2010 cycle to add my email to their press list. Minor miracle! And he's raised over half a million so far which is worth applauding in that messy District 17 race where three quarters of the district is running.

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Anonymous said...

How conveniently you leave out the EEOC complaints lodge against Sandra Ruiz and the lawsuit. How about the the way she assalted a person a few years ago in the council chambers, how about the way she has never been in a meeting, event or ever has participated in the Democratic party until now running for office. The truth must be told and proof shown . So wah wah kepp crying and doing her bidding the voters shall speak very loudly on election day. Keep in mind that we are just fed up with these politicians that only come out for election time its time to kickk them all out and put common sense back in ,

Dog said...

Hey Johnny,
You don't have to be anonymous. We already know it's you with the dirty attacks.
citing bogus complaints and allegations on any candidate will not get you elected. This type of attack is dirty, underhanded and low class.
Have you participated in the democratic party before you began running for elections?

Anonymous said...

You gotta be kiddin' me...I've seen those bogus complaints. Sandra Ruiz has become a target of misguided, mis-informed and purely partisan antics to try and tarnish her honor and service. Why don't you mention that the EEOC complaint was filed by a hard core republican woman & McCain campaign worker, that in her position as the Economic Development coordinator for the City of Doral, insulted Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz and the Mexican Culture referring to "little dirty ugly Mexican men" for which she was suspended from work without pay for 2 weeks after admitting that she in fact had so stated...then upon returning to work filed a complaint indicating that Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz "should have known" that nothing was meant by that statement. HUH??? The latest is that this same woman later filed another complaint stating that "Sandra Ruiz looked at her funny" HUH??? Curious though that these antics really began to soar right after Sandra Ruiz announced that she was to run as a "D" where the remainder of the Doral city Council are "R's". Johnny, you've been taken under the wing of the Republican structure in Doral to cause harm to Sandra Ruiz. It's obvious in all those pics of you partying with them in Doral... embracing that very same woman I mentioned above... attending fundraisers and events with & for individuals in support of those that are openly not supporting Sandra Ruiz...all Republicans by the way, etc... The GOP does not want to lose District 112 and they know Sandra Ruiz is a significant threat to that end. Get with the program Johnny. You're being manipulated by the GOP like a blob of silly putty and you don't even realize it. And you think you stand a chance in Tallahassee? Sandra Ruiz is our only chance for that seat. Is this race about getting that seat for the people or is it about you, Johnny?

Miamian Blues said...

The EEOC complaint/assault is a bogus complaint at best, it's for feeling threatened by the commish from afar.

As is typical, Farias and his hatchet man have no real case to make for themselves so they go Karl Rove and attack instead. They can't make a case for Johnny because he has no record (as Dog mentioned above) of party history, of activism or experience of any kind. There's no voting record of any kind in public office, heck his personal voting is limited.

She does have a lengthy record, so they make a case against her instead. But the case they make against her, is not policy based, is not based on actual misconduct; what they push is classless petty allegations of wrongdoing.

It's dirty, it's pathetic and it shouldn't be done by two democrats in a primary. You have a general election to worry about and Johnny is instead intent on raising his own unfavorables, on running a negative campaign and then he'll switch to the GOP candidate should he win the primary. By then he'll have defined himself the wrong way and he'll be facing a uphill battle against a Republican replete with cash.

He's practicing bad and slightly unethical politics. I don't carry water for anyone, ask BJ Chiszar or the FDP when they do stupid things.

Concerned Doral Resident said...

You know Miamian Blues you are right that Johnny Farias is not an eloquent speaker by no means, and his message is not tailored to any specific group or room he speaks in, but to call him underhanded and playing dirty politics is nonsenese becuase he is not even a politician. Now what do you call grabbing someone by the neck; which their is a police report (unless you think police reports are bogus) and other allegations (not 1 but 8 in total), and is your Mrs. Ruiz so eloquent when she called the Vice-Mayor's Wife "white trash". Now your sources definetly need checked becuase there was no flyer ever made or passed out in any neighborhood. I live in Doral and boy you are way off base all of you post garbage and don't even have the gnads to put your real name. Mr. Farias might not be the typical person that goes for politics but definetly Sandra Ruiz is not the answer. The Republicans you so much say have Mr. Farias going in the wrong direction, well Miamian Blues they don't need Mr. Farias to go after Mrs. Ruiz they have all the dirt on her for the General election. They want Sandra to win to destroy her, from fraud, to dirty politics to cheating with a police officer. They have ten years of smut to throw. The sad thing about all this is that Janet Nunez (even if she is a GOP puppet) is going to win with all that lobbyist money. We will definetly let the voters decide between all the candidates - their good and their bad.

The Doral Observer said...

From under which rock did you crawl out of Concerned Doral Resident? I've lived in the Doral area for 12 years and near 7 now as a City. Sandra Ruiz is one of the best things that has happened to this area. From the sound of the litany of alleged "wrong-doings" you cite, it sounds like your "on the inside" or are being "fed mis-information" by those same Republican partiers that Mr. Farias is hanging with in Doral. Either way it doesn't matter, it just demonstrates the simplistic neural pathways and limited thought processes of a neanderthal mindset. Its obvious you can't see the truth but you are very adept at being easily misled by lies, manipulations and set-ups; of course this is assuming you yourself are not one of the participants or instigators in this mudslinging class-less campaign, (which its beginning to seem like). You're on a blue site but you talk about a highly qualified blue candidate as if you were in the red column. Which is it? What are you trying achieve? Getting Mr. Farias elected? or just being a blow hard? Either way it seems like you have a lot of anger issues. By the way, you mis-spelled Ms. Nuñez’s name. Look it up!

Miamian Blues said...
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Miamian Blues said...

1) Anyone running for office is a politician.
2) I've never heard the white trash comment before.
3)"Now your sources definetly need checked becuase there was no flyer ever made or passed out in any neighborhood."

I personally visited a friend of mine when the flyer was left at their home. I saw it with my own two eyes. Thank you for caring about my sources though.

4) "The Republicans you so much say have Mr. Farias going in the wrong direction, well Miamian Blues they don't need Mr. Farias to go after Mrs. Ruiz they have all the dirt on her for the General election."

Firstly, that's not English. It sounds like a Sarah Palin with Katie Couric outtake. Second, why is Farias creating a narrative for the Republicans to use in the fall? If the GOP so clearly has this dirt on her, why should Farias not run a clean campaign leaving a good impression of himself and Mrs.Ruiz? Instead he has setting up a narrative of her being dirty that the GOP can continue to use in November.

5) "I live in Doral and boy you are way off base all of you post garbage and don't even have the gnads to put your real name."

I'm the only one who posts on my own blog and it's quite simple, I've broken stories before the Herald does, I've publicized information only certain insiders get. If I use my name why would anyone talk to me knowing there is a chance I'll publish things? It allows for me to engage in real and good journalistic practices to do things on deep background.

But I do want to ask...so Concerned Doral Resident is your real name? Cause otherwise I see you "didn't have the gnads" to publish your name.

Anonymous said...

How convenient that you never report on how Sandra Ruiz helped jeannette a Republican count her pettitions after 12 noon and later were accepted.