It's been a while

So the bill has passed with many flaws and no public option, because doing what's right is a little harder than we'd like. But at least they've gotten something done through the skin of their teeth. There's nothing I can add to the Health Care debate that hasn't been said already.

But there are these two little nuggets: The Republican candidate for Governor is going to sue the United States and even those on the right think it's stupid.

Andrew Cohen in the Atlantic talks at length about the Doctrine of Interposition a discredited legal theory last really used to try to sustain racist Jim Crow practices in the South. It makes for a great read.

Also from the reasonable right (I just came up with someone's campaign slogan) is David Frum wondering where the GOP goes from now. There are some very good ideas in that piece too that I think Democrats should consider. Ambinder looks at a GOP in dissarray with its November strategy now shot to pieces in what makes for another good read until the final three paragraphs.

Meanwhile, over at Slate (the inside DC types most overrated columns) we see how this could now turn into a huge boost for Democrats in November as the GOP claims (Death PANELS!) are proven false and Americans feel the good elements of this bill.

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