A New Era Begins

BIM was honored recently to sit down with many of the local Democratic Party's activists and one Richard Lydecker, the new DEC Chairman.

BIM can only go off of words and actions. It seems to me, that so far, Mr. Lydecker is saying all the right things. He spoke of unifying around a solitary purpose, electing Democrats. This singular aim which should be the DECs main goal, is crucial because it should default & trump all the idiotic rivalries within the DEC. He spoke of bringing in big names such as CFO Sink and Sen. Nelson down to the DEC meetings to increase turnout. It'll be nice to get Sink in SoFla for once!

Overall, this relative neophyte to the local scene has his finger on what to do; he's either been coached up or naturally has common sense and a good political instinct. Hopefully, those that joined me at the meeting will listen, put aside all our egos and work together. I'm genuinely excited, but the first test, as Mr. Lydecker emphasized, is to elect Democrats to the Governor's Mansion, the Cabinet and for the State House, for which he said polling is being conducted to see where we put our resources into. I feel much better about where we're going in 2010 now than I did before.

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BIM; are you Larry Thorson?