Health Care Reform got flipped

I feel as though out of nowhere we received a 180 degree turn on health care by the Senate yesterday. Out with the Public Option and in with Medicare being expanded for those over 55. Under 55? You're screwed. There will now be a plan, that's slightly undefined, offered by private companies. Politico broke the story since it's become the paper everyone in DC reads and might be the one paper turning a profit right now.

Here's what Majority "Leader" Reid said:

“This is a consensus that will help insure that the American people win in a couple different ways. One, insurance companies will certainly have more competition. And two, the American people will certainly have more choices," Reid told reporters in the Capitol, but refused to divulge details of the agreement.
That's probably because there are few details. It's already been pushed to the CBO so we'll see what they say. Also from that article:

The “buy-in” period could kick in as early as 2011 – three years ahead of when the larger set of reforms would begin – although the coverage for the interim period would not be subsidized.
That's great but if the insurers, the very people who screw Americans over are running the program, it's not going to be very effective.

Here's what President Obama has to say:

The Senate made critical progress last night with a creative new framework that I believe will help pave the way for final passage and a historic achievement on behalf of the American people," Obama said. "I support this effort, especially since it's aimed at increasing choice and competition and lowering cost."

"I want to thank all of you for sticking with it, for all those late nights," Obama said. "With so much at stake, this is well worth all of our efforts."
I too want to thank the Senate for proving their critics right. The Senate may be the least useful institution in the world right now. The American people voted for change right? Does this sound like Obama's plan at all? Instead they got slapped across the face by them. All those late nights I assume are a reference to all the nights spent getting campaign contributions from the health insurance lobby. I hope Pelosi and the House sticks it to 'em and do what is right in conference.

I hope the Progressive Caucus delivers on its promise and doesn't vote for this abomination. I'm tired of people who say no litmus test for Democrats. You're darn right this should be it.

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