An Email From A Loyal Reader

Every once in a while I get emails from the blog-world telling me off or praising or about general things. I got this one the other day from one of the most loyal BIMians. I asked for permission and will re-post the email in its entirety below with no edits. Enjoy.

For the past week I’ve been struggling to write a post about the Senate heath care bill. I started with taking on
Nate Silver and his challenge to progressives, but after reading the excellent rebuttal on FDL Action and after listening to all of the establishment Democrats bash Dr Howard Dean in an effort to discredit him and shut up the “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party”. I then decided to go a different route. Some of you may have read Governor Dean speaks for me, posted by Charles Chamberlain at Daily Kos. I want to take that a step further. Dr. Dean not only speaks for me and the progressive base but he speaks for all of us who are uninsured, or underinsured and looking into the maw of for profit insurance companies as we are about to be swallowed whole. And then I read the interview with Rahm Emanuel that insults and blows off the progressive base.

I’ve been so angry over this that I’ve been unable to think straight let alone write a cogent post. I finally decided that Dr. Dean did indeed say it best (not his exact words, but very close):

I didn’t work my ass off to elect Democrats to vote for crap legislation like this!

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Bradley J. Cross said...

Did anyone REALLY expect the spineless Dems to deliver on their promise?