2009 Results

In Maine No on 1 ran a great race but ultimately came up short by about 2%. They ran one of the best issue campaigns I've ever seen, ultimately rural areas were the downfall.

In NJ a lack of enthusiasm for NJ Democrats as well as the NRC's brilliant use of TV ads against Dagget ended up driving votes over to Christie. The base just wasn't excited about Corzine, something obvious as he could never break past 45% in the polls. Minorities refused to come out in the state as well.

In Virginia, well a terrible candidate who ran a bad race from the get go won because of a primary where the two best candidates nuked themselves to death and he survived. He ran an atrocious general election, never defined himself and ultimately it showed in the polls in blowout fashion. I'm not sure there's TOO much to take away here other than Indies going to the right. 40 years the party out of power wins the governorship in Va.

NY-23 provided another surprise, with Democrat Bill Owens winning over Conservative Party, Palin and Pawlenty endorsed, club for growth endorsed Hoffman. Scozzafava somehow still pulled out 6% of the vote. Democrat hadn't represented the district in 100+ years much of it in 140 years. The tea party folk really broke the back of the (R)'s here. Ultimately, the Scozzafava woulda cruised to victory but the purity drive really came back to haunt them, and their guy lost. They promise they will have more such campaigns, including here in Florida vs. Crist. After last night confirming what I thought, I say bring on Rubio!

CA-10 was blowout city by 11% which bodes well for Democrats. Many thought the win would be a 5 pointer or 7 points, which would show movement away from Democrats instead it showed a strong democratic base support.

I wouldn't read too deeply into last night's results, including Charlotte's new openly gay mayor.

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