Sentor Bill Nelson-

I know I'm a day late and our Senators always a dollar short but get this one from the Tampa Tribune.

Sure, some Democrats will continue to fight for the "public option," but it's likely the beginning of the end for the controversy magnet. Instead, Senate leaders will move toward nonprofit health care cooperatives, a widely unknown and untested concept.

To Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, the shift is a significant breakthrough, one that can secure enough Democratic support of an overall reform bill.

"If I had talked to you one week ago I would have had a whole different attitude. I think a lot's changed. So I'm an optimist now," the Orlando Democrat said Monday in his most extensive comments on the emerging health care proposal.

Alright that's not something ok with me, but this far into the article I was doing great. Heck the article quotes various experts saying how this may not work, etc etc.

"This isn't to say they are a bad idea," Peck added, "but they aren't going to be a short-term solution by any means."

But then this happens:

Nelson said most of the public option advocates "don't have a clue," about what it would take to create such a plan. "The whole thing is so complicated you can't expect them to understand."

"If a co-op serves the same purpose, what's the big deal?" Nelson added.

Hey, Senator Nelson, come on. We don't have a clue? Listen here you diddling pol, here's my clue: we've got 60 democrats, and you're supposed to be one of them. Now's when we can pass a real piece of legislation that will contain costs, unlike your co-ops [see: blue cross] . Now's when we can pass mandates, not to benefit the health care employees that've given you $679,593 according to opensecrets.org or the insurance companies 534,746$ worth of donations.

Don't expect me or any of the base to work for you. You represent the Democrats in this state, you wishy washy coward. The Republicans already have their Senator. Too bad it's not Kendrick in your seat, since he's promised not to vote for a bill without and has advocated strongly for the public option.

See Senator what you forget is that while you're out there scoring political points, my parents and friends are getting older and worse by the day without health insurance and I haven't been able to afford it in 7 years.

Meanwhile you're out there throwing those who voted for you under the bus.

Get a fricking clue Senator.


ALAN P. said...

You want a clue what it takes to create a public option Senator Nelson? A little bit of vision and a little bit of guts.

Emily said...

I guess Senator Nelson doesn't have a clue what it takes to actually do what his constituents want and need here in FL. I didn't vote for him because I didn't live in FL then, but I can assure you, I will help get a Democrat elected when his term is up that is a Democrat!