You're so sneaky and clever

Anytime a 22 year old runs for State House he should be applauded. Particularly when he blogs and avoids answering a question that he himself presents. So Juan Carlos Robaina's run for District 117 gets off to a great start.

Why am I running, you ask? Well, that'll be answered all day every day from now until November 2010. Honestly though, that answer will for the most part be given on different platforms on and offline.
He's trying to get elected because Julio Robaina [no relation] is running for the State Senate seat. So he's running for Julio's old seat, believing [correctly] that he'll get a ton of votes based off the fact that people are used to voting for Robaina. And both the first names start with J. However, our young friend has a history of sticking his foot in his mouth from what I hear. In one public debate at FIU that was broadcast on FIU's Radio, he showed his libertarian self and was embarassed by the College Democrats President and by the DFA group on campus. Whenever he was asked how he felt about going to a public university that he didn't believe should get state funding, he avoided answering that.

He's being a political opportunist. I'm not sure who could run for this seat on our side of the aisle, perhaps Cindy Lerner, a former state representative who you know would be dying to get back at the Republicans who cut her old district out. She has many enemies within the Democratic Party but she's as partisan a bulldog as exists.

Good luck to Mr. Robaina but the truth is he's likely to get primaried by folks with longer records and more connections.

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