Wrong MSNBC host to run for Senate?

I know this is something not necessarily true of everyone but I love Chris Matthews. Seriously, he's charming, funny, center left, worked for Tip O'Neil, and loves politics. I think he'd be a great Senator. Alas, earlier this year he said he wasn't going to run for Senator from Pennsylvania.

So now comes news from the great white north of Sarasota, that Joe Scarborough is thinking of running for Senator.

"I haven't closed it off," said Scarborough, a Republican who is scheduled to address the Manatee County Republican Party at its annual Lincoln Day Dinner on Feb. 20. "I've been getting some calls from some fundraisers in Florida."
You know if it wasn't for Mika and the fact that I HATE CNN's morning team [no i can't explain why, I just do.] I'd have smashed my TV in. Between him and Buchanon in the morning's I generally feel like running head first into a wall. Ya gotta love it as Zbigniew Brzezinski schooled Scarborough and called him "stunningly superficial". That may be the main reason I watch that show, because it's always good to see what this kissing the romanticizes notion of Ronald Reagan type says. It's usually thrown back in his face by Mike Barnicle, who is not the biggest intellectual in the world.
In 2006, Scarborough met with Senate leaders who tried to persuade him to run against former U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris for the U.S. Senate. Scarborough backed off then, saying it was not the right time.
I do want to thank him for leaving that idiot to run for Senate though. I know he was in Congress from 96-2001. Let's leave it at that as your total record Joe. Please.

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