That was quick

So when you first announce you running for office, and you have name rec, the first quarter is always important to establish how credible you are. As such we see Naked Politics report on President 42 fundraising for Meek:

Former President Bill Clinton flew to Miami all the way from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland for U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek's first fundraiser for his U.S. Senate campaign. Chris Korge, who hosted the event at his home in Pinecrest, said Clinton helped bring in $300,000.

"He rarely gets involved in (Democratic) primaries,'' said Korge, who has hosted the Clintons many times. "He has really gotten to know Kendrick personally, and he thinks he would be a great senator.'

and a pretty honest and truthful quote:

If Kendrick can raise seven figures the first quarter when the economy is in shambles -- that would be a huge feat in this economy,'' Korge said. "Having Bill Clinton willing to do these things for him is going to make it possible for Kendrick to raise significant money outside of Florida

Yep, and he'll likely brake the million dollar line this quarter. If he fails, that quote should set them up for questioning, particularly when in one night he brought in 300k. Meek has established himself so far as the front runner. Can Gelber hit the 500,000$ mark? He doesn't haev the DC connections, so he's got to prove he's viable now. Lot's of pressure for this guy. He got a great article in the Herald today via Beth Reinhard. He needs to boost up his name ID, his positives and raise a crap load of money. That one article getstwo of those outta the way.

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