Keep an eye on Jeb? HA!

The buzz warns us all to

Keep an eye on Jeb

Charlie Cooke on the 2012 GOP presidential field:

Despite the November poll numbers, which probably reflect considerable Bush fatigue, keep an eye on Jeb. His decision not to run for the open Senate seat in Florida next year preserves his options for 2012, if the fatigue wears off. With Florida as his base, Brother Bush could be more of a contender than this early poll standing suggested. And he is someone who could help the Republican Party restore its image of competence.

I don't see people buying into this. They got burned by voting for a last name for President, and won't vote for that VERY SAME last name. I've heard from people he's met with Modesto Maidique to replace him at FIU since Modesto has to step down soon at FIU. Also, he can make tons and I mean bucket loads of money in the private field. And his last name won't let him win for President.

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