Marco Rubio and the (R) Senate Seat

So the former speaker of the Florida Legislature's House is deciding whether he will run for Senate. He's set up a website, with a form on what we as Floridians think. That's exactly what I should do.

Here's a man who cut millions (yes, plural) from every state institution of higher learning, then was hired by his Republican friend Modesto Maidique and is making $70,000 yearly teaching part time with Dario Moreno at FIU. Here's a guy who helped cut our state economy. He says to Naked Politics about the Senate seat "I'm exploring it very seriously." I'd love to take him on, because I'd hang a lot of the current educational and financial woes right around his little neck.

Looking at the suggested Republican's running according to the Herald, I'm not terribly afraid of any of these guys:

Attorney General Bill McCollum, former House Speaker Marco Rubio, and U.S. Reps. Vern Buchanan and Connie Mack. Rubio appears to be the most likely candidate in the bunch, and a fundraiser for former U.S. Rep. Ric Keller waited patiently to introduce herself.
McCollum is a weak candidate, Rubio, see above, Buchanon is probably the best of the bunch, someone who is legitimately nice and looks for the interest of his constituents (it's a very conservative area). Connie Mack is someone who's not attractive to most Floridians and I think would be seen as weak on a variety of issues in this state (first one- the environment). And to be fully honest, I have no clue who Ric Keller is.

Not saying the Democrats are much better, but it's not an impressive list for either side.

Edit: Ok, let me clarify on Vern Buchanon, he's a nice guy, who has a history of being cut throat in business and politics. He's in a very conservative, homoegenous district, and tends to walk the party line. I'm not saying I like him as a Congressman or that I'd like him in the Senate. Perhaps, I've not done enough of my homework [as a comment below argues].

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Anonymous said...

Buchanan is a nice guy? Seriously? His incredible record of horrible business practices is jaw-dropping (http://www.tampabay.com/news/politics/local/article819885.ece is just taste), not to mention he was elected to the House under less-than-above-the-board circumstances, means that the best thing that can happen to the 13th district is for him to leave the seat open to run for the Senate, and then get rightfully trounced in the primary. So exactly the type of person that should not be in public office.