Ron Paul is "second class" at the RNC

First Read says the Texan Congressman ain't none to pleased with his convention access.

Blaming the RNC Rules Committee for granting him only limited access to the convention floor, Paul said he would prefer to stay away from those who would try to "chaperone" his visit to the convention.

"They've given me a pass that is second class," Paul said. "It's a bit of a slight."

But a Republican in the know said of Paul, “He would have been provided the same pass every Member of Congress received if he had asked. My understanding is that he did not ask.”

Yeah it's not LOGICAL to assume a Congressman who ran for PResident in your party would have wanted what you gave other Congressional Reps.

Paul has said that he does not intend to endorse John McCain.

"I don't foresee giving any marching orders to the supporters," he said today. "Mainly, it's just not in my nature.”

But before you think he's thinking rationally for once:

Noting the energetic youth that fuel the grassroots -- and often quirky -- Ron Paul "Revolution," the Congressman also bemoaned what he sees as a missed opportunity by the Republican Party. "I don't understand why they wouldn't welcome us with open arms," he said.

Ron Paul: Hero.

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