McCain's got one thing Obama doesn't


Oh and their being discreet about John McCain being a POW. P.S. He was a POW, didya know?

Did Joe Lieberman just call himself a Democrat? I always though he lost the Democratic Primary in Connecticut. Oh he did.

The American people don't care whether you have and R or a D next to your name. I used to agree until you realize their party brand is in the tank and more Dems have registered to vote than ever before.

As TPM notes:
On the RNC website they have a clock that shows the time: "Since Joe Biden's last gaffe". Perhaps the Democrats should put up a clock of their own, the time: "Since Sarah Palin last took questions from the media".

So for comparison sake, on the Second night of the Democratic convention, Hillary Clinton spoke. On the second/first night of the RNC convention we got Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman. I hope the gift bags were good!

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