Florida's 1st Black Woman leading a branch of government

As the Orlando Sentinel throws out:
In the ornate chambers of the Florida Supreme Court, Peggy Quince today will move to the chief justice's center seat. And history will be made.

Quince, 60, will become the first black woman to lead the state's court system -- or any branch of government in Florida. The soft-spoken mother of two knows she's a role model.
In fact:

Quince takes the reins amid major transition. Two justices, Raoul Cantero and Kenneth Bell, are leaving this fall. Two more, Harry Lee Anstead and Charles Wells of Orlando, will reach mandatory retirement age next year, allowing Gov. Charlie Crist to reshape the court.

For a woman who's father was never schooled, who didn't come from a privileged background, this is great news. The only downside is the state court system, like most of Florida's agencies is actually facing budget cuts.

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