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I'm just going to compile what's going on in Iran right now as best I can. The best sources that I'll continually be checking are Twitter, Huffington Post's Liveblog and The Daily Dish. If I find any other sources that seem good I'll let you know. The NYT has covered this very well, and although I'd say TV could have done a much better job [especially you MSNBC] the best of the bunch has been CNN.

From Andy Sullivan's Dish:

Tehran University's Faculty Resigns En Masse

Translated from Farsi by a reader from this site:

119 members of Tehran University faculty have resigned en-masse as a protest to the attack on Tehran University dorms last night. Among them is Dr Jabbedar-Maralani, who is known as the father of Iranian electronic engineering. They have asked for the resignation of Farhad Rahbari the appointed president of Tehran University, for his incompetence in defending the University's dignity and student lives.
That's a much bigger deal in these countries than one would imagine. 5 dead students being reported from last night.

From HuffPo:

12:47 PM ET -- AP files. "TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- AP photographer sees pro-government militia fire at opposition protesters, killing at least 1."

More from @persiankiwi: people are running in streets outside. There is panic in streets.people going ino houses to hide.

12:59 PM ET -- Reuters witness: "many wounded." "@Reuters: FLASH: Gunman fire on people at pro-Mousavi rally, one killed, many wounded -witness"

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