Domestic stuff!

Politico is reporting that Alan Grayson from the Orlando area may face a challenge from Florida's Speaker of the House Larry Cretul, among others from within the GOP. Personally, while Congressman Grayson is strongly anti-war in Iraq and Afghanistan, his stance on the public option is as mch a deal breaker for me as it is for him, for exactly the opposite reason.

But while I've mixed feelings on Grayson, Certul is a cretin. Seriously, here's a guy who refuses to add taxes to a state that's facing bigger deficits daily, but he doesn't mind adding "fees" [read taxes] for just about everything. That's not to count his ethical stances on things, such as refusing to want to punish former speaker Sansom. And hey, he's a high ranking GOP state member. I'd be glad to get rid of another one of those idiots who has put our state in a crappy position. Just not so they can put our country in that position. Hopefully if he runs for congress, he'll resign and a normal human being can take over for him.

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