NRSC Goes after Meek

From Naked Politics:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is out with what seems to be its first rip on Kendrick Meek's Senate bid, saying he "cast aside any charade of 'fiscal responsibility' " by voting in favor of a a $3.45 trillion budget that falls largely in line with President Barack Obama's spending plan.

"Any pretense of ‘fiscal moderation’ from Congressman Meek flew out the door yesterday when he voted with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in favor of doubling the national debt and raising taxes on Florida families and small businesses during an economic crisis,” said spokeswoman Amber Wilkerson. "This will certainly be an issue next November, as voters in Florida deserve a Senator who will stand with them instead of blindly supporting party leaders in Washington.”

Good. As the stock market has actually risen now since Obama has taken office, and the economy seems to be on more solid footing, I agree, it's a huge budget. It's also largely things that are neccessarily going to have to be done since the former president, and then majorities of Republicans took 0 hard decisions. If I'm Meek, this is something I WANT the Republicans to bring into the debate.

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