My Predictions and the outcome

  • 57 Democratic Senate seats
  • 41 Republican Senate seats
  • 265 Democratic House seats
  • 170 Republican House seats
  • 353 Obama Electoral Votes
  • 185 McCain Electoral Votes
  • 52.3 Obama Popular Vote Percentage
  • 46.7 McCain Popular Vote Percentage
The total as of now?
In the Senate 56-40 with Minnesota still to count. I thought GA would be Democrat and Franken would be win.

In the house I overshot by 7 seats. Not bad. since it'll be about 258 or 257.

Electoral votes is at 365-173. I missed Indiana and the Nebraska electoral vote.
In the popular vote the vote is still coming in but as of now:
52.7-45.9. Which means I counted almost a whoel percent higher for McCain and undercut obama by .4% at least.

Still for pretty blind predicting, I feel like I did ok. The Senate and Presidential which is where I looked at the most, i did really well in and feel ok with my selections!

How'd you guys do?

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