Busy day!

Saw Senator Bob Menendez at FIU, he's from NJ and a Cuban American. they guy's VERY intelligent and a damn good speaker. I was fairly impressed with him.

Later on heard that Govenor Sarah Palin's Troopergate investigation has finished, ten Republicans and four Democrats. SHE'S GUILTY OF ABUSING POWER. Yep.

Meanwhile over at MSNBC we have the video on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. But we have this one guy saying that he's fearful to bring his child up there. Then we have the lady who called him an arab get cut off by John McCain, and when he defends Obama, he gets booed. By his own supporters.


"We want to fight, and I want to fight, but we will be respectful," McCain said to boos at first. "I want everyone to be respectful," he then said and people began to clap.

In response to a later question he added, "You can be respectful and point out facts," as he called on his supporters to point out facts to their neighbors but be respectful.

and then

He is a decent person and a person who you do not have to be scared as president of the United States."

After that, McCain said of himself that he just thinks he'd be a better President of the the United States." Some in the crowd booed his statement and shouted, "No!"

This is an amazing disaster for this campaign. But I applaud McCain.

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