Green Mountain Daily takes their Governor to task

This is what I woke up to today as someone emailed me the link to this:

Douglas completely loses touch with reality: "Palin is a choice Vermonters can relate to."

by: JDRyan

Wed Sep 03, 2008 at 08:17:48 AM EDT

(Note: in no way does the title of this diary imply that Douglas ever had a firm grip on the reality in regards to relating to Vermonters - this one is just too out in la-la land to pass up, though - he's really losing it.)

This morning's Argus had me spitting up my coffee:

But Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas believes that Palin, a mother, hunter and first-term governor, is not only qualified to be president, if it comes to that, but that she will win over residents of the Green Mountain state.

"I believe Gov. Palin is qualified," said Douglas, who has gotten to know Palin as a fellow state chief executive. He had hoped McCain would choose a governor as his running mate, he added. "I think a lot of Vermonters will identify with her."

I guess Douglas also feels that Vermonters also all have foreign policy experience because we live so close to Canada. Or perhaps we all have marine biologist experience because we live so close to Lake Champlain. Or perhaps the Vermonters he meant were the loons in Second Vermont Republic who can relate to her days in the Alaskan seccesionist movement. Who's going to be the first reporter to ask Douglas about this? Considering how much praise and support Douglas has given our current unqualified commander-in-chief, we really shouldn't be surprised, should we?

Anyone want to do one on Charlie "should I get married?" Crist

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