Angry Hoosiers? And more from the Buckeye State

Let's hope the Illinois market is deeper into Indiana than we think, because their seems to be some discontent among Hoosiers who woke up only to find out their guy Bayh had lost.

They have a governor's race up there and thought Bayh on the ticket would help get her on board.

The Courier Journal has the quotes.

However others consider it to be a smart move, saying Bayh brought Obama more grief than it was worth. Personally, a conservative Democrats as VP for Obama would've pissed off a liberal base that has been getting increasingly angrier and more frustrated [mind you that would have happened with one group or another as after the primaries Obama was pinned with everyone's hopes.] But having a DLC member may haev gotten the Clinton-istas back and have lost a lot of the other voters.

Speaking of DLC goers- the Buckeye State Blog has switched minds a bit here in their latest post:
Joe Biden is the dream ticket. He helps Obama with the same core demographies as Hillary without needing 3 18-wheelers to pack along all his baggage.
Also not to be missed is his interpretation that Biden helps with the over 55 set... as he says:
Florida anyone?

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