Opposite Tracks

So let's recap the Friday-Monday news.
Obama got published in the NYT talking foreign politics. Then he went on the greatest overseas trip in the world. Seriously, has anyone seen one negative article in the press? Only ridiculously out of touch folks like Krauthammer have come out against this trip. Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq were on the weekend agenda. Now he's expected to go to Europe. The Iraqi Prime Minister came out in support of his plan. General Patreus

McCain, had to fire his economic adviser, got his op-ed to the NYT turned down then complained and whined about it, got harshly questioned on the Today show this morning.
His newest ad [below] blames Obama for gas prices...which no one will fall for that isn't already voting for McCain. What is he hoping to accomplish? Also he's being pinned abck by his old i'm not strong on the economy comments. Ouch.

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