"Nation of Whiners"

That's what we are according to McCain's Financial Adviser about our "Mental recession". All the press has caught on to it.

I wonder one thing in this circumstance. Why is it that McCain isn't being labeled out of touch and why is it that Obama was inherently running a "cocky" campaign (Even today in the morning's First Read brought that up.) At some point with McCain yesterday also saying that Social Security is a disgrace, voting against the GI Bill, you have to start wondering why the media is covering the race this way. You also ahve to start questioning where McCain is going to hold serve and show an issue as his strong point. He's made gaffes on foreign policy big enough so that his own surrogates had to correct him. Is it just going to continually be called Agism or is there really the possibility that the Republican candidate has left openings on all sides. If I'm John McCain, after shaking up my staff, I have to start looking for rebranding and more Maverick stuff as it'll play better than to the conservative base.

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