"John Kerry With A Tan"

So Grovernorquist believes Barack Obama is "John Kerry with a tan" as he told the LA Times.

This is a man that the paper says:

Norquist's clout on the right is such, however, that McCain and his aides
will pay attention to his thoughts on who would fit well in the second spot on
the GOP's presidential ticket. And in his chat with Times' reporters and
editors, he was especially high on Bobby Jindal, the recently elected governor of

Norquist touted Jindal's success in pushing through tax-cut and ethics
reform legislation during his short tenure as Louisiana's chief executive (no
mention was made of the flap surrounding the governor for failing, so far, to live
up to a promise to block a pay raise for state legislators).


Perhaps it's language like that that's making the GOP's Congressional Campaign spokeswoman say that:

Karen Hanretty, communications director for the NRCC, reacted to the
private report by acknowledging the difficulties confronting her party.

"This is a challenging environment," she said. "Any Republican running
for office has to run basically on an independent platform, localize the race
and not take anything for granted. There are no safe Republican seats in this

Maybe that's why even Mississippi is slowly becoming a swing state where even the Seanta race via Rasmussen shows a dead heat:
Wicker (R) 48
Musgrove (D) 47

The GOP's ratonalizing?

GOP candidates on the ballot in November must show "deep empathy towards
the voters" and rely on local rather than national issues

Soon enough they'll lose there too.

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