Florida DNC Delegation

Is to be led out by Robert "Cocaine and Prostitutes are fun" Wexler of Broward and Palm Beach counties.

TALLAHASSEE - Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen L. Thurman announced today that she has appointed U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler Co-Chair of the state's 2008 Democratic National Convention Delegation.

Wexler and Thurman, who was elected Chair of the Delegation, will lead the most diverse Florida delegation to ever attend a national convention in Denver, August 25-28.

"Robert Wexler is a true friend of mine and a real leader for the people of Florida. I'm proud to have him serve as Co-Chair of the most diverse National Convention delegation in the history of this state," Thurman said. "In August, Florida Democrats will cast their delegate votes in Denver to make Barack Obama our party's nominee, and in November, Florida Democrats will deliver our state's 27 electoral votes to elect Barack Obama the next President of the United States of America."

"I am honored that Chairwoman Thurman appointed me as Co-Chair of the Florida Delegation. The unparalleled energy and enthusiasm that I see in Florida this year is a direct result of the inspirational candidacy of Senator Barack Obama, and I am impressed and optimistic as I see Karen Thurman harnessing this energy to deliver what will no doubt be a victory for Barack Obama in Florida," Wexler said. "I look forward to representing the Florida Delegation in Denver for the Democratic Convention as we march toward victory in November."

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